Cappadocia: A travel guide through the land of fairychimneys and rock castles

Cappadocia: Land of Fairy Chimneys and Cave Cities
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The tablets called Cappadocian Tablets and the Hittite works of art in Alisar are of the important remains dating from the s BC. During the Roman era the area served as a shelter for the early escaping Christians. There are also several underground cities used by early Christians as hideouts in Cappadocia. When the Turks started to arrive in the region after immigrating from their homeland in Central Asia around the 11th century, they found the area largely uninhabited.

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Due to its location, roundtrip bus travel to Cappadocia can be tiring, and air travel expensive. If you book your ticket in time, flights tickets can be as cheap as a bus ticket. Kayseri is on a busy railway route. It is possible to find suitable trains to Kayseri from almost all the train stations of Turkey. You may want to consider either renting a car or buying a tour package. However, you will come across exorbitantly priced car rentals, as much as TL per day.

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Bargaining is needed in such instances. Cappadocia is an important area for shopping, with wonderful carpets and kilims, hand made local pottery by artizans and very local wines. Visitors are recommended to stay in one of the cave hotels which are the speciality of the region, but even a simple hostel will offer this opportunity. There are also many accommodation options in Urgup , Uchisar , Ortahisar and Avanos. The restored Greek houses offer cave and arched rooms offer pleasant accommodation, at a price. Map of Cappadocia. This region travel guide to Cappadocia is an outline and may need more content.

The museum is a scenic walk from Goreme, but if you ask me, after a while, if you seen one cave monastery…. You can reach there on foot or you can rent a scooter in Goreme and zoom out. Red Valley is named for the red, pinkish an yellow rocks which reside here. You can hike to it from Goreme or you can see it from the vantage of a Cappadocia balloon tour. The castle looks like a giant rock of Swiss cheese and there is a small town built around and leading up to it. You can explore the caves and it feels like an archeological site.

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Traveling to Uchisar to see Uchisar Castle in the distance, cappadocia highlights. Did you know Cappadocia has subterranean cities? Underground cities were known to provide housing to Hittites who were escaping prosecution. Churches, livestock, ventilation, wells, etc.. Admission: 20TL. It takes around 45 minutes. Soganli is a lovely area with old rock monasteries and a beautiful place to spend time in.

Unfortunately, the only way to reach it is by car or on a tour. This is on the second tour of the color coded tours in Cappadocia — the Green Tour. On a tour, you might spend 45 minutes hiking through it and the hike is relatively easy. While I found many parts of it picturesque, I often wondered what the Blue Tour was like. Yes, real caves, like the Flintstones! Okay, sort of. A cave can run anywhere from 50 Euro to well over Euro. Check out some cave hotels here.

Now I know. Do the balloon ride. Book balloon tours here and here. The history here is remarkable and you will appreciate traveling Cappadocia more when you learn about its past and how it came to be. Firstly, the tours are color-coded and all go in different directions. The popular tour route is Tour 3 or the Green Tour as it goes the farthest to beautiful Soganli and Durinkuyu, the largest Underground City in Cappadocia.

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Both airports offer minivan services to several important tourist locations. Goreme Open Air Museum is the most visited site in Cappadocia. I stopped off at Keslik Monastery, where the various churches, chapels, granaries and refectories faithfully replicated the load-bearing pillars, arches and domes of their free-standing equivalents. Tourist office Random page. It proved an inspired manoeuvre.

My hotel recommended the Blue tour because the places were more historical , etc.. Still, I wish I had taken the Green. The Green Tour is widely recommended because it tackles places that are much further away and that you definitely need a car for! Traveling Cappadocia, some of the trails are slippery slopes and the due to the porous land material, rocks can crumbly. Tread slowly and be prepared to slide.

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I brought runners on my Cappadocia trip and I regretted it. Definitely avoid flip flops and sandals. Blame the volcanic ash material of Cappadocia rocks. But for me it started with a sore throat and at first I thought it was just travelers cold. But I quickly realized a lot of people I met either at my hotel or on tours seemed to be coming down with the same cold.

If you have a sick mask, that might be a good idea too. There is a local pharmacy in Goreme but you may need someone to translate your illness. While you can do some of it independently via bus, scooter or on foot, many also go to hike trails to see more sights. Some travelers might want to rent a car. My Cappadocia trip was for 3. It was not enough and I felt rushed trying to squeeze it all in. Filming three videos only made things take longer also, despite the fact I work quick.

To get to other parts of Cappadocia, such as Sognali and the Derinkuyu Underground Museum , plan for at least two days. There are many breathtaking places to stay in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Travel Guide

The two authors have been travelling around Cappadocia since and by Cappadocia: A travel guide through the land of fairychimneys and rock castles. 5 days ago [EPUB] Cappadocia A Travel Guide Through The Land Of Fairychimneys And Rock Castles PDF. Books this is the book you are looking for.

I stayed in Goreme the most popular a small and safe main town of Cappadocia. Cappadocia is known for its cave hotels. Long ago, the residents used to live in caves in this region and while most families have moved to apartments, cave hotels are a fun attraction for tourists.

Location was on a hill overlooking Goreme. You can stay in a cave room or fairy chimney room. Traveling Cappadocia can be done with public transportation, tour or car rental.

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This would be better than a tour as you can pick the places you want to visit and stay as long as you like. You can rent a car or scooter in Goreme town, near the otogar bus station. You can also get around by local bus, take a colored tour or hike. Either way, traveling Cappadocia is awesome for solo travelers. The well-trodden trails are visible and in some areas, you have multiple ones converging and crossing as if to say, All roads lead to home. Taxis, local buses and long-distance and overnight buses are all located centrally in town at the o togar aka Station.

My cost returning to Istanbul was 60L. However, there are always exceptions to the rule so one should always practice street smarts. American travelers often pay a premium on travel insurance. World Nomads offers economic solutions for travelers who seek security and peace of mind. It covers countries. Christine, I saw your videos of Capadocia, I love them!! Since last year I am wanting to go there.

Fairy Chimney Rock Formations - Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Was it expensive? I see prices very affordable. I decided to book my bus travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia from one of the many agents on Sultanamet Street. I probably paid a little more not by much […]. What a fascinating looking place. Your email address will not be published.